I'm Sarah.

I love rowing, books, Oregon, and travelling. I am an aspiring teacher. This is my semi-serious venture into adulthood.

A Semi-Complete Portrait of a Young Woman

She has lived in four different zipcodes in the last four years,
her car has travelled six-thousand miles in the last 60 days.

The blueberries at the store are too sweet for cream like at home
and she doesn’t know how she can feel so goddamn transient
when she still remembers picking plums from her father’s shoulders.

When people start to fall for her, she counts the number of times
they get the word “love” caught in the back of their throat,
tries to ignore the times that she says “home” the same way.


I guess a lot changes in five years.

It’s still hard for me to feel comfortable with my weight since I always have been and likely always will be a heavy girl, but seeing how different the same weight can look on me over time definitely helps.

You can hear that it’s just a number as often as you please, but it really helps to see it, too.