I'm Sarah.

I love rowing, books, Oregon, and travelling. I am an aspiring teacher. This is my semi-serious venture into adulthood.

I have no idea how to respond to comments on mobile, sorryyy.

But arizonarowing and anyone else who may be interested:

I am moving to New Zealand until April to coach little kiddos in rowing (and travel and explore, obviously) !

Sooo clearly I haven’t been super active on here lately..

I’ve been adventuring a lot and just living life and trying to figure some stuff out for myself before I go off to NZ to start my job for huge year and I just wanted to say welcome to all my new followers and thanks to all the people who have stuck around with me on this thing and sorry I haven’t been all that exciting as of late..

Also send me your addresses and I’ll see if I can manage to send you a postcard?

Thanks, love y’all.